April 24, 2019 STEP – Africa
STEP - Africa
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Education Education
GoalIM seeks to raise $50,000 in the next five years to purchase school supplies, uniforms and to assist with tuition for children in primary and secondary schools in African countries in which IM has partners.
SummaryGenerally, education in African countries is not free, and funds raised here will help prevent gaps in students’ education.
DescriptionIn Africa, as on many other continents around the world, education is key to fighting illiteracy and combating poverty. As many of IM’s partners run Christian primary and secondary schools, it is also an opportunity children to come to know Jesus. Educating children, especially girls, is a way to provide individuals with better choices, making them less vulnerable to abusive relationships and human trafficking. IM partners in Africa often build schools with the government’s approval. Schools which are Christian are allowed to operate if they admit all students in the area. Some partners identify gaps in education for girls or for a specific part of the population and establish schools to address that oversight.
Suggested Gifts$20 provides one set of school materials $35 buys a school uniform $200 pays tuition for a primary school $300 covers tuition and fees for a boarding school
Prayer RequestsPray that poor and marginalized children in Africa may get adequate education, a right that too many of them do not have.