April 10, 2018 STEP – Thailand, Children of Night Light Employees
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Education Education
GoalThis project seeks to raise $3,300 to provide tuition, school supplies and uniforms for 21 children of NightLight employees
SummaryBy paying school fees for the children of NightLight employees, this project will not only help these kids get an education, but also reduce the financial burden on their families so that the women do not feel the need to return to the sex trade to provide for their children.
DescriptionNightLight is a ministry in Bangkok, Thailand, that offers employment and job training to Thai women as an alternative to prostitution. One of the main reasons women enter prostitution is to pay for school fees. They want their children to get an education and have a chance for a different future. Funds from STEP (Student Tuition Expense Program) provide tuition scholarships, school supplies and uniforms. This aid helps keep kids in school, reducing the risk that they will enter the sex trade or engage in high risk behaviors that make them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.
Suggested Gifts$50 buys a school uniform $100 pays for one semester of middle school $250 pays for two semesters of high school $500 pays tuition for eight elementary school students
Prayer RequestsPray with missionaries Annie and Jeff Dieselberg and their partners in Thailand that many will gain freedom through education.