Posted on July 14, 2021 STM New Initiative for Youth and Young Adults

The STM team is very excited to announce our newest initiative entitled Emerging Leaders! In the past International Ministries has had wonderful youth and young adult programs for individuals to explore the calling that God has placed on their hearts. Emerging Leaders is the newest lenses in which we will be walking alongside youth and young adults from 16 – 29 years old.



Emerging Leader’s Programing:

The first step of this initiative will be the Emerging Leader’s Cohorts. Starting with 4 cohorts, collectively no more than 30 individuals coming from all denominations. Ideally each individual will walk through a 2 – year cycle with these cohorts, with each year focusing on different steps in their faith journey.


As the Emerging Leaders Initiative grows and develops there will be more opportunities for youth and young adults to explore their faith, experience God’s mission through short-term mission opportunities.


How to apply:

To join these cohorts, the individuals will need to apply through an application process. We anticipate the online application process to open by Thanksgiving. When individuals are accepted, like stated above the hope is a 2-year journey but individuals can join and leave at various times. Information about the application process will be posted on International Ministries Journal page. If you are interested in joining these cohorts please check back November 1st when applications go live.

Any young adults, feeling called to serve on a short mission trip in-person or virtually before then or aside from being part of this special Emerging Leaders Cohort, please do not hesitate to contact us at or visit the Global Service Opportunities listing.



What is involved within these cohorts?

These cohorts are designed to walk alongside the youth and young adults, supporting their faith journeys and the discernment of God’s calling on their lives.


These cohorts will kick-off each year with a “Lessons Learned” weekend summer retreat. The list below is a taste of what will take place within these cohorts:



This is just the first of many steps that IM and STM will take to encourage, empower, ad educate  youth and young adults, our Emerging Leaders, to show that their voices are being heard.

We pledge to listen, observe and invite our Emerging Leaders into partnership along this old Emmaus path with new lenses.


If you have any questions please reach out to