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| Volunteers’ Hands continue to build Deborah’s House

There was much all seven women from Great Rivers Region discovered could be done to help with finishing touches at Deborah’s House.

| Pray for Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti
Congo - Summer Bible Camps | Congo – Summer Bible Camps

The Baptist Convention of Congo (CBCO) wants to reach youth with the gospel through summer Bible camps. It’s a vital way of training children and gives teachers more experience for the future when new Sunday schools are established.

India - Learn to Lead | India – Learn to Lead

The purpose of the project is to equip these leaders with teaching skills and methods for reaching children in the local slums. The Mission Center in Hannomkonda hopes to increase the number of children in the Sunday school program from 40 to 100 in one year.

Hong Kong - Training Young Leaders | Hong Kong – Training Young Leaders

This project seeks to raise $3,150 to purchase plane tickets to send five young Cambodian leaders to Hong Kong for a cross-cultural short-term mission experience and leadership training.

India - House Churches | India – House Churches

The purpose of this project is to enable Neighborhood Ministries to establish house churches on the borders with Bangladesh and Bhutan, provide Bibles to new believers and train volunteer leaders.