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White Cross Haiti | White Cross – Haiti Sewing & Education, Eye Care & Student Infirmary

These White Cross projects seek to raise $11,000 to provide supplies needed for the Women’s Ministries, the Cap Haptian eye center and the student infirmary at the Christian University of Northern Haiti.

| Pray for Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga serving the people of Haiti through a variety of ministries in the name of Jesus.

Kihomi and Nzunga serve as a vital link between International Ministries and the Haitian Baptist Convention. They both visit and preach in churches and serve through a variety of ministries.

Haiti - Van for Ministry | Haiti – Van for Ministry

The purchase of a new van for transportation will enable ministry in Haiti. Transportation is needed for attending training and meetings, hosting mission groups and delivering pigs, goats and water pumps.

Haiti - Agricultural Development | Haiti – Agricultural Development

The purpose of the project is provide more than 100 first-year students at the Christian University of Northern Haiti with training plots, facilities for teaching animal husbandry and land for farming demonstrations.

Haiti - Clean Water Project | Haiti – Clean Water Project

This project seeks to raise $66,360 to provide 14 villages in Haiti with water pumps. The purpose of the project is to provide safe, clean water for thousands of families, and to prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses like cholera, dengue fever and chikungunya.

Global Gifts Kids for Kids | Haiti – Kids for Kids

The purpose of the project is to have children raise goats, sell the offspring and use the proceeds to purchase school uniforms, books and shoes and to pay tuition.