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Parenting with Love | Nicaragua – Parenting with Love

Amos Health and Hope seeks to raise $541,622 by June 2022 to develop a replicable and scalable program to empower local volunteer mothers to facilitate breastfeeding, parent-child bonding and early childhood stimulation in the communities, thereby decreasing the long-term impact of the current Nicaragua crisis on their children and families.

Nicaragua Clinic Relief Fund | Nicaragua – Clinic Relief Fund

This project aims to reduce health disparities for low-income families, helping to prevent, reduce and treat disease, promote good health behaviors and empower local leaders to foster community development.

Parajon Family 2012 | Pray for David and Laura Parajon serving in Nicaragua.

David and Laura provide preventive and curative health services to remote and vulnerable communities where there are no doctors through the training and support of health promoters.

| Pray for Denise and Juan Aragon who have family in Nicaragua living in the midst of the conflict.

Big Juan and my heart have been aching for Nicaragua our homeland. The government has been shamelessly killing its citizens … The thing that pulls at our heart is that Juan’s mom and siblings and cousins and basically all of his family still live in Nicaragua, they are the ones that have heard the gun shots, the ones that have had to walk from one town to another because of the road blocks, they are the ones that are struggling to buy the essentials, they are the ones worried daily about their child’s wellbeing at school.

Volcan de Fuego eruption, June 3, 2018, Nicaragua | IM Responds to a Destructive Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala and Political Unrest in Nicaragua

International Ministries has received an emergency relief grant of $8,500 from One Great Hour of Sharing to respond to the critical needs in Latin America following the deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala and the violence in Nicaragua.

| Nicaragua – Healthy Homes

In Nicaragua, nearly 1 million people have no access to safe drinking water and nearly half the population does not have access to adequate sanitation. This project seeks to help families get access to clean water and tackles the problem of air pollution from wood-burning stoves.