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| Pray for Lori and Matt Mann bringing hope and restoration to at risk and abused children and youth in Laos and serving in Thailand.

Matt and Lori serve in Laos and Thailand. In Laos, they work to bring hope and restoration to children and youth who have suffered or are at risk for the worst forms abuse and exploitation, including street children; children living in slum communities who are victims of abuse and domestic violence; and victims of child labor and sex trafficking.

| Pray for Amanda and Jon Good serving through ministries of evangelism, discipleship, education and theological education in partnership with the Baptist Union of Hungary.

Amanda assists with education at the school managed by the Baptist Church in Debrecen.. She also helps with discipleship ministries of the Baptist Church in Debrecen. Jon assists the Baptist Church in Debrecen with its evangelistic outreach, church planting and church development ministries. He also helps with the training of Christian leaders through the Union’s seminary. Amanda and Jon both work with the church planting efforts of HBAid.

| Pray for Emerson and Ivy Wu serving as the Co-Coordinators of the Global Chinese Mission for International Ministries based in Hong Kong.

The Rev. Ivy and Emerson Wu work with their IM area director to establish a network of global Chinese churches and Christian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through which the network members will develop and implement common strategic missions. They also represent IM in relating to church and NGO partners in Hong Kong.

| Pray for Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti ministering in Columbia in discipleship formation and training in churches.

Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti, “the BGs,” have been used by God in discipleship formation and training in churches in Chile, Spain and Nicaragua. UNIBAUTISTA has invited them to continue this work with ethnic groups in one of the most neglected areas of Colombia, the Guajira Northern Region. The BGs have been long-term global servants since 2000 through International Ministries.
They write – And, just like that, our first year in Colombia has been completed! Praise the Lord and thanks for your partnership…
In April we made our first trip to Cúcuta to learn of the situation of so many migrants from Venezuela into our country. …
In July we made our second trip; this time bringing our area director and the global consultant for immigration and refugees with us. Adalia and Ray joined us on a journey through the Humanitarian Network for Migrants from Cúcuta to Tunja. As we saw them and the shelters along the way, we realized as Luis and Johana have, that the current 14 shelters and stations are not enough for the many who are traveling daily. The ladies of FBC of Cúcuta are embarking on a new endeavor of sewing hooded blankets in all sizes for those who come from very warm weather and face the bitter cold of the Berlin Plateau.
Many have frozen to death in their quest for freedom and safety! It can take them almost a full day on foot to get from Cúcuta to Pamplona, … See why we need to pray and seek resources for more Humanitarian Network shelters along the way? Along with food, a shower, and a couple of hours of [sleep] they are provided spiritual nourishment that is what will last the longest. Let living water flow to these migrants providing them hope and dignity! …
Immediately after that trip to Cúcuta, we had the week-long Global Baptist Peace Conference in Cali, Colombia. Siblings from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Oceania (more than 30 countries in total), were present for this event …
Summer is almost over, and we were blessed to have a full house throughout our hectic schedule. Now the older children return to their studies in the USA and the younger one continues her high school homeschooling studies. Let living water flow with wisdom, intelligence, and determination in this new academic year for them and us all.
Read their full journal at https://www.internationalministries.org/let-living-water-flow/

| Pray for Katherine and Wayne Niles serving in evangelism, economic development and health and wellness in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Wayne serves with IMA World Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo …which helps Congolese fight starvation with disease resistant and high protein food crops and works with Congolese farmers to generate income for many decades with a new variety of palm tree that produces abundant oil. Katherine serves with Congolese Christian health professionals and grassroots community leaders.

Eliberto and Molly Juarez | Pray for Eliberto and Molly Juarez endorsed to serve in El Salvador training volunteers to serve as agents of transformation.

Eliberto Juárez and Molly Jamison Juárez are endorsed to serve as global servants in El Salvador with IM partner Mision Vida y Paz (MVP), or Mission Life and Peace. They share a strong commitment to peace building and social transformation through the power of the gospel.